AQAS is an active member in international associations

  • Listed in EQAR
    The European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR) is a register of such agencies, including those that substantially comply with a common set of principles for quality assurance in Europe.
  • Full Member of ENQA
    The European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) is an umbrella organization which represents its members at the European level and internationally, especially in political decision making processes and in co-operations with stakeholder organizations.
  • Full member of ECA
    European Consortium of Accreditation Agencies is a professional organization that strives for continuous progress in the area of accreditation and external quality assurance, facilitates mutual recognition of qualifications, promotes internationalization of higher education and creates transparency in QA to the benefit of students, HE institutions and society.
  • Full Member of INQAAHE
    The International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE) is a world-wide association of over 200 organizations active in the theory and practice of quality assurance in higher education. The great majority of its members are quality assurance agencies that operate in many different ways, although the Network also welcomes (as associate members) other organizations that have an interest in QA in HE.

National registrations

AQAS is also authorised to carry out audits at Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences in Austria (in accordance with Article 22(2) HS-QSG).