A programme accreditation is based on a multi-step procedure as outlined in the ESG:

a self-evaluation by the HEI > a peer review process including a site visit > a report summarising the results of the peer review > a follow-up.

The language of the procedure is typically English.

Our service for you:

  • We offer a complimentary consultation before starting a procedure.
  • To create transparency, we provide information and continuous feedback on all steps of the procedure.
  • We offer guidance through the procedure by providing e.g. guidelines for preparing a self-evaluation report.
  • To disseminate knowledge about external quality assurance, we offer tailor-made workshops addressing individual partners’ needs and requirements.
  • AQAS has built up a widespread network of national and international experts covering all disciplines who do not only assess the compliance of programmes with our criteria but also provide recommendations for their further development.

The composition of the panel of experts follows the ESG standard of considering various perspectives by including all stakeholders, namely professors, labour market representatives and students. Typically, a panel consists of two professors, one labour market representative and one student representative.

The detailed sequence of the procedure (including appeals and complaints) can be found here.